March 04, 2024

Chula Vista

MGBW Welder/Shipfitter Ana Oryall Awarded Emerging Leader by CMTA

Each year, the California Manufacturers & Technical Association (CMTA) honors women that have invested their invaluable time and skills into their craft and community during the Women MakingCA Conference. Marine Group Boat Works (MGBW) is proud to announce that welder and shipfitter Ana “Annie” Oryall has been awarded CMTA’s Emerging Leader Award, representing women in manufacturing who exhibit strong leadership potential and inspire others through their dedicated work.

“I can remember when Annie applied here to be a welder,” said Todd Roberts, president of MGBW. “Not only was she the first female welder on our team, but her positive attitude, fine craftsmanship and work ethic truly set her apart. She’s a great example for everyone at Marine Group.”

As one of six women on Marine Group’s structural team of 71 welders, Annie has contributed to the construction and refits of more than two dozen Navy steel and aluminum workboats, dive boats and training vessels—along with various San Francisco ferries and other notable commercial vessels you see in the Pacific.

When asked what makes for a successful project, she said, “When you start building a boat with a negative attitude, you’re already off to a bad start. The vibe must be right. Being involved in creating something, helping your teammates, the comradery you get, all that builds up to a rush of emotions. And once you reach that peak, step back, and see your baby, it’s a feeling you never forget.”

Annie also contributes to the continued success of MGBW through mentoring incoming welders. She is current mentoring another female welder, going as far as to spend multiple weekends, early mornings, and late afternoons passing on vast knowledge of welding techniques and best practices.

Annie will have the pleasure of accepting the Emerging Leader Award in person on March 5th in Sacramento, CA, preceding International Women’s Day on March 8th.

For more information on CMTA’s Women MakingCA Awards: Women MakingCA.

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