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A new generation of California boatbuilders.

Marine Group Boat Works is one of the few remaining small business boatbuilders in California. We design, construct and reconstruct vessels accommodating your specific needs, and are equipped to handle a variety of projects all while being environmentally responsible. We model our operations on meeting your requirements including safety, quality control, cost efficiency and timeliness.

We are GSA-approved prime contractors for extremely competitive bids, including RTSCs and Navy dive boats. We have been awarded new construction and new refurbishment contracts for NASSCO Tug Boats, the City of San Diego’s Workboat Barge Vulcan III, and reconstruction contracts for Flagship Cruises, San Francisco Water Emergency Transportation Authority and San Francisco Golden Gate Ferry. With more than twenty years of boatbuilding experience and highly specialized tradesmen on our team, we have the background and expertise to effectively execute a wide range of projects including aluminum and steel fabrications, hull extensions and barge, tugboat and passenger vessel construction.

Our headquarters in Chula Vista consists of 15 acres of usable land and water, an on-site modern office complex; a 27,000 square-foot enclosed vessel manufacturing facility, the fabrication and welding environments for both steel and aluminum; workshops; a machine and propeller shop; 665-ton travelift, 100-ton travelift, several mobile lifting mechanisms and other production equipment to safely haul, launch and work on vessels up to 220 feet. It is has 25 docks totaling 2,100 linear feet protected by a modern breakwater.

Contact us at  or (619) 427-6767.

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