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Fast turnarounds. Minimal time out-of-service.

Marine Group Boat Works is recognized as the premier commercial vessel repair facility by a variety of companies in the passenger vessel, workboat, and other commercial industries. We are distinguished by our reputation for high quality and dependable service, and we strive to provide a level of workmanship that is second to none. Because we pay attention to detail, even on a large scale, a vast majority of our commercial customers are loyal, return customers.

MGBW’s headquarters in Chula Vista consists of 15 acres (about 950,000 square feet of usable land and water), an on-site general office building; a 23,000 square-foot enclosed vessel manufacturing facility, the fabrication and welding environments for both steel and aluminum; workshops; a machine shop; 665-ton travelift, 100-ton travelift, several mobile lifting mechanisms and other production equipment to safely haul, launch and work on vessels up to 220 feet. It is has 25 docks totaling 2,100 linear feet protected by a modern breakwater.

To inquire about our commercial services or to schedule a haul-out, contact us at (619) 427-6767 or email refit@marinegroupbw.com.

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