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Meeting the unique needs of government customers

It is hard to find a boat repair company who effectively executes private, commercial and government contracts. Each segment requires a fundamentally different approach to project management, work procedures, quality assurance and documentation.

At Marine Group Boat Works, we combine our rich heritage in commercial ship repair with a focused approach to meet the unique needs of government customers.

Our Government Division provides high-quality boat repair and conversion services to the San Diego Harbor Police, Port of San Diego, U.S. Navy, Military Sealift Command, U.S. Coast Guard, Maritime Administration and other government agencies.

Our approach is focused, proven and highly successful. Over the past eight years, we have built an impressive track record in both minor and major government repair projects by delivering government vessels on time, staying within budget and subscribing to the highest standards of quality.

To inquire about our government services or to schedule a haul-out, contact Todd Roberts at (619) 427-6783 or email