September 13, 2022

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MGBW Receives iCommute’s Bronze Award from SANDAG

San Diego is typically known for the pristine beaches and perfect weather, but these days, environmental programs are taking a lead on what cities are being recognized for.

MGBW has recently connected with San Diego’s leading transportation demand management program iCommute. Powered by SANDAG, iCommute encourages businesses to utilize city transportation services such as trollies, buses, and carpool programs.

With Bayfront construction underway, MGBW has addressed parking issues with a carpool program that incentivizes employees to carpool to work.  It has also launched a FREE shuttle program that transports employees to and from an offsite parking lot to work. SANDAG’s iCommute program leaders caught wind of the efforts of MGBW and nominated them for their 2022 Diamond Awards. The awards recognize employers that go above and beyond to not only provide transportation for employees, but continue to educate and help find a greener way of getting people to work.

This year, MGBW successfully won the Bronze Tier of the Diamond Awards! This award falls perfectly in line with MGBW’s the green initiatives. Not only does it fall in line, but it solidifies the constant environmental safety steps that this unique yard takes to keep our coastlines and air quality at it’s best.

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