July 03, 2024


Marine Group Boat Works Christens New 100-ton Variable Width Marine Travelift

Marine Group Boat Works (“MGBW”), San Diego’s largest family-owned boat repair and construction facility, has completed installation of a new 100-ton Variable Width Marine Travelift used to haul and transport vessels to and from the water, thanks to the Small Shipyard Grant by the U.S. Department of Transportation Maritime Administration (MARAD). It’s specifically designed for a variety of 25- to 100-foot boats (7.6-30 meters), one of the four service categories of MGBW. This variable lift allows for safe expansion and contraction while hoisting full loads and maneuvering at a 360-degree angle.

MARAD’s Small Shipyard Grant Program provides funding for U.S. shipyards to foster efficiency and provide training for boatbuilders and craftspeople. Since the grant’s inception, MGBW has benefitted from the grant in upwards of one million dollars.
“We’ve used the Small Shipyard Grant to certify dozens of welders, purchase equipment that allowed us to do work in-house which reduced the time customers used to have to wait to outsource the work and upgraded equipment to improve the turnaround times on certain tasks for customers,” said President Todd Roberts of MGBW. “The MARAD grant is the single best grant program truly dedicated to giving back to small businesses within the maritime industry.”
The necessity for the addition of the 100-ton lift came from the desire to service a greater range of vessels without taking up valuable real estate.

“This is really about safely and efficiently maximizing space, especially with one of our busiest seasons upon us. This new lift basically adds square footage to the facility without physically expanding the current yard,” said Eric Lundeen, director of operations for MGBW. “In other words, we’re able to block 18 vessels in a space that used to only fit 12 simply because the machine contracts to the vessels actual width.”
Since sustainability is at the forefront of MGBW’s agenda, it’s important to note this 100-ton lift operates on a Tier 4 emission motor. That means it passes the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) diesel engine standards to reduce particulate matter and nitrogen oxides. This is a two-tier upgrade from the original motors used in prior Travelifts.
In addition to this 100-ton Travelift, MGBW has also received a 9-ton shuttle crane and awaits delivery of a 19,000lb forklift later this fall.

The first ever Variable Width Marine Travelift was purchased by MGBW for its Los Cabos location in April of 2023. MGBW currently operates a 665-ton Travelift to haul vessels up to 220 feet long (67 meters), one of the largest operating on the Pacific West Coast. Later this year, MGBW will take delivery of an 820-ton variable width, Tier 4 boat hoist which is currently being assembled in Italy.

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