**Port construction update – Effective Aug 22, 2022**

New route to Marine Group Boat Works – Gate 1 is New Yard Access

The Port has reached its next phase of construction which results in several roads being closed:

New Route to Marine Group Boat Works (See Map Below):

With all the roads being closed, the easiest way to get to MGBW is by exiting H Street off the I-5 freeway.  It will take you to a new Temporary Access Road that runs through Bayside Park and forks into a new MGBW Gate 1 entrance for yard access and MGBW Gate 2 entrance to Office parking and access.

Specific to Subcontractors:

Specific to Deliveries:

Marine Group Boat Works has secured an off-site parking lot for general parking:

Questions and concerns? Contact Facilities Manager Tommy Oman at (619) 495-1241 or tommy@marinegroupbw.com