August 26, 2022

Tandem Parking


Tandem Parking Spots are now being assigned.  Please work with your tandem partner to park behind each other in the Space # assigned below.  If you have any issues, please report them to Facilities Manager Tommy Oman.

Registrant Tandem Partner Space
Bernardino Angon Single Space 1
Jason Schmidt Chris Nicoletti 2
Rodrigo Diaz Drew Martinez 3
Christian Ramos Francisco Zamarripa 4
Ana Rivera Antonio Angon Sr 5
Lilian Plasencia Vicky Flores 6
Ed Hernandez Ernesto Molina 7
Richard Hermosa Tolentino Rogel 8
Jose Flores Daniel Rodriguez 9
Ritchie Lamphear Irvin Carrillo Morales 10
Eric Fields Daniel Romero 11
Ismael Plasencia Keenan Jenkins 12
Hugo Martinez Joshua Marin 13
Ovett Martinez Gustavo Gallegos 15


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