June 23, 2022

San Diego Congressmen Honors You for COVID Resilience

***A message from Todd Roberts***


Congressmen Levin, Issa and Peters have dedicated, June 24, 2022, to honor and celebrate shipyard workers of San Diego for their resilience during the COVID pandemic. (See Proclamation below)

We are not only essential to the West Coast maritime industry, but to the success and readiness of the US Navy Pacific Fleet. By remaining open during the pandemic, we proved to our nation that we’re brave, dependable and reliable. I don’t need to tell you again how important and vital I think you all are, but it’s incredible having Congress recognize each and every one of you for carrying on in this pandemic.

Thank you all again for your determination and hard work during the world’s hardest time. MGBW is grateful to have you on our team.


Todd Roberts, MGBW President


In Recognition of

The Efforts of San Diego County’s Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Workforce

Whereas, San Diego is a proud home to one of the nation’s premiere shipbuilding and ship repair industries, which employs exemplary men and women whose work strengthens our Navy; and

Whereas, amidst setbacks caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, these silent patriots carried on with their duties as essential workers to ensure that the men and women of the United States Navy had the most mission ready ships in the world; and,

Whereas the United States’ national defense and prestige depended upon these individuals’ dedication to improving and modernizing the Pacific Fleet;

Now therefore, be it resolved that on this day, June 24th, 2022, the efforts of every individual in the San Diego County shipbuilding and ship repair industry be honored by the San Diego County Congressional Delegation for their unwavering dedication to strengthening the United States Navy.

Dated this 24th of June 2022

Congressman Mike Levin, 40th District

Congressman Darrell Issa, 50th District

Congressman Scott Peters, 52nd District


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