August 12, 2022

Parking FAQs

* Port Update – Changes effective Monday, Aug 22, 2022*
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The Port has reached its next phase of bayfront construction.  Unfortunately, this phase requires several road closures starting August 22nd in and around MGBW’s facilities and will impact street parking.

Q: What Roads Will Be Closed?

A: Roads scheduled to be closed are:

  • G Street  – Temporarily closed (Aug 22, 2022 – Aug 23, 2023)
  • Sandpiper Way – Permanently closed
  • Quay Ave – Permanently closed
  • Bayside Pkwy – Permanently closed

A small part of G Street will remain open between Bayside Park and MGBW’s office parking lot (Gate 2) to allow Crew, Visitors and those with Parking Passes into the parking lot (see blue line on G St in map below).


Q: How Do People Get to MGBW?

A: With all the roads being closed, the easiest way to get to MGBW is by exiting H Street off the I-5 freeway.  It will take you to a new Temporary Access Road that runs through Bayside Park and forks into a new MGBW Gate 1 entrance for yard access and MGBW Gate 2 entrance to Office parking and access.

  • Yard Access – Subs/Vendors with Parking Permits and Deliveries ONLY
  • Office Access – Visitors and those with Parking Permits ONLY

Q: Where Can I Park Now?  

  • H Street Parking and Shuttle is highly encouraged.  NOTE:  Best exit to get to MGBW is H Street which is right where the parking and shuttle is located!
  • Bayside Park is public parking and subject to closures.  NOTE: MGBW’s Shuttle will drive through Bayside Park and will pick up Employees that show a badge, so always bring you badge with you to work!
  • MGBW’s Office Parking will be available to Customers, Visitors and Employees with Parking Permits.  Permits will be strictly enforced.
  • G Street Parking is extremely limited and subject to closures.

Below is a map for your convenience and shuttle information below that.  If you have any suggestions or questions, please fill out a Feedback form located by all timeclocks, direct them to HR or submit them online at our Employee Feedback form.

We understand how changes can interrupt our daily routines, but we appreciate your ability to adapt quickly to what comes your way!  Thank you for your cooperation!


**Updated as of 5/11/2022**

Q1: What about car break ins and homeless crime, will there be security at the off-site lot?

Facilities Dept will conduct hourly patrols of the off-site lot.  However, like the dirt lot, you’ll have to park there at your own risk.


Q2: If my carpool doesn’t show up, can I take the shuttle?

Yes.  Shuttle schedule can be found below.


Q3: Can carpoolers pick up anyone in the off-site parking lot if their carpool group is not all there?

Yes.  LP will only allow vehicles into the Main Office lot that have a parking pass and 3 or more people in the vehicles.  More info on the Carpool program can be found here.


Q4: Where can I get dropped off to work?

Anyone can be dropped off and/or picked up outside of Gate 2 of the Main Office.


Q5: Will there be street parking?

G Street and Quay Ave will be intermittently available for parking during construction as controlled by the Port.  Bay Blvd has street parking and is an 8 minute walk to the yard.


Q6: What about Motorcycle riders, where do we park?

Bicycles, scooters and motorcyclists can park in the Main Office parking lot.  We’ll increase the spots for cyclists to encourage this form of commute.


Q7: Will there be a time clock at the offsite parking lot?

No.  Being on time to work will mean clocking in at 7:30 am at the timeclocks in the office or weld shop.


Q8: What will be done for those that are working after the last shuttle has ended?

Afterhours parking for people working in the yard is available in the Main Office Lot.  You may take one of the afternoon shuttles to the offsite parking lot and drive your car back to park in the Main Office lot.


Q9: What if I miss the last shuttle?

The offsite lot is 1 mile away and a 20 minute walk.  Rideshares are available at your own cost.  If you’re 55 years of age or older, you (and a guest) qualify for FREE rides within Chula Vista by using the Ride Circuit App. Download the app and sign up.  It’s similar to Uber and Lyft but they use electric vehicles.  More info can be found here at this KUSI news post.


Q10:  What if I need to leave in an emergency and the shuttle is not running?

Contact HR per usual and they will coordinate a ride for you.


Q11: Where are Subcontractors allowed to park? 

Subcontractors will be issued one (1) parking pass to park in the yard.  Any other sub vehicles will have to park on the street or in the off-site lot.  Subcontractors should contact Facilities Manager Tommy Oman to obtain a parking pass.


Q12: Where will Customers park?

Per usual, Vessels will be issued up to two (2) parking passes to park in the Main Office Lot.  Any other Customer vehicles will have to park on the street or in the off-site lot.

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