February 14, 2024

MGBW Unveils New Uniforms *Coming Soon*

A Message from our President


Happy Valentine’s Day!  As most of you know, MGBW LOVES the kind of CHANGE that makes us better as a team.  We’ve had a great run with the uniforms that production employees currently wear.   However, we’re continually growing and diversifying, so it’s even more important that we look consistent, professional and polished to our customers.

With that said, I’m pleased to announce – MGBW’s new production uniform will be custom navy blue coveralls (example in photo below)!  They come in all different sizes, short and long sleeves and will have MGBW logo artwork on them.  Employees will still be required to wear their same colored hard hats to differentiate trades (red= paint, green = structural, etc.)

FITTINGS NEXT WEEK: We’ll start by having Trade Supervisors coordinate with their teams for size fittings next week.

Once MGBW captures all the sizes, we’ll work out quantities per person, artwork, and place the order with our vendor.

We’re a few months out from being able to sport the new uniforms, but you heard it here first!  If you have any questions, feel free to contact Eric Lundeen.

Thank you for your cooperation – and we’re excited to see the new look in the months to come!



Click here to view what’s scrolling in the breakrooms this week!

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