October 19, 2022

MGBW Closed for the Holiday Week – Paid & Unpaid Time Off

***A Message from HR***

Hello Team,

MGBW’s offices will be closed this holiday season from Sat, Dec 23 – Mon, January 1.  MGBW will reopen Tuesday, January 2.

What this means to you:

Since parts of Christmas and New Year’s land on a weekend, we’ll be recognizing the following paid holidays:

  • Mon, 12/25 (paid holiday)
  • Tue, 12/26 (paid holiday)
  • Wed 12/27 *Unpaid*
  • Thu, 12/28 *Unpaid*
  • Fri, 12/29 (paid holiday)
  • Mon, 01/01 (paid holiday)


  • Hourly employees: Two days of the holiday week will be unpaid. If would like to use PTO, please fill out a PA form and submit it to Payroll by Tuesday 12/19/2023.
  • Salaried employees: Check with HR or your supervisor if you have questions about work expectations while we’re closed for the week.

You may call 619-591-0180 or email with any questions. Have a wonderful season planning for the holidays!

Delia Lozoya


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