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yacht services The renovation of the Marine Group Boat Works superyacht refit facility puts it amongst the most prestigious yacht repair facilities in the world. We own and operate several Marine Travelifts with the largest capable of hauling 665 tons (220ft/67m). Our personnel are accomplished craftsmen and experienced in all phases of superyacht repair.

We specialize in haul outs, bottom paints, hull extensions, centerboard service, propeller and shaft work, engine repowers and custom metal fabrications for San Diego superyachts and superyachts cruising the Pacific West Coast. As a natural gateway to the South Pacific, centrally located between Alaska and Mexico, San Diego is an ideal location for superyacht refit, repair and maintenance needs.

Complimentary captain and crew services and amenities include:
• Concierge
• Office space
• Wi-Fi
• Galley and kitchen facility
• Gym/Showers
• Designated parking
• Private Helipad

Marine Group Boat Works has serviced notable superyachts including M/Y Mr. Terrible, M/Y Big Eagle, S/Y Rosehearty, S/Y Tamsen, S/Y Anakena, M/Y Ronin, M/Y Exuma, M/Y Lady M II, M/Y Bossy Boots, M/Y Arcadia, S/Y Kaori and more. For a snapshot of our portfolio of former and current customers, browse our yacht photo gallery.

To inquire about our superyacht repair or refit services or to schedule a haul out, contact VP Todd Roberts at (619) 427-6783, or Click here to request a quote.

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Quality Assurance


Environmental Stewardship

Marine Group Boat Works embraces the importance of preserving our environment; and our commitment for taking initiative allows us to stay on the forefront of conservation for both our community and industry.

• Our 15-acre facility was renovated to include a curbed storm drain system where 100% runoff is captured in 60,000-gallon storage tanks. After tested clear for hazardous materials, the water is discharged to the city for proper disposal.

• We enforce a company-wide recycling program recycling metals, plastics, cardboard and paper.

• The Port recommends that any maintenance including 25 percent or more of a vessel should be done at a boatyard to keep the Bay clean. Our custom-designed 665-ton Travelift is allows us to raise the boats completely out of and away from the water, so products used in the maintenance and repair of the vessels do not contaminate the Bay.

• For sanding and grinding work, Marine Group Boat Works contains and shrink-wraps all vessels to prevent paint and debris from entering the air or water.

• In June of 2010, Marine Group Boat Works completed the design and construction on the first of three Navy RTSC vessels that is considered to be one of the most environmentally friendly U.S. military vessels thus far, capable of running completely on 100% bio-fuel with cold ironing capabilities.

In addition to the environmentally friendly work done on-site at Marine Group Boat Works, the company is also active off-site.

• Marine Group Boat Works has donated over $30,000 worth of in-kind products and services to the Chula Vista Nature Center, a community landmark dedicated to providing environmental education on coastal resource conservation and instilling a respect for nature and wildlife in people of all ages. The donation covers the cost of food to feed all the animals at the Nature Center in addition to pro-bono work including installing new signage at the front entrance, providing skilled tradesmen for special projects and volunteering for various programs and clean-ups. Our President Herb Engel, sits on the Nature Center's board of directors and Leah Yam, director of communications, serves on the marketing committee.

• Marine Group Boat Works participates in other community programs such as the San Diego Port Tenant's Operation Clean Sweep, San Diego Coastkeeper's bay clean-ups and the Port of San Diego's copper-free bottom paint program initiative.

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